Are there any other discrete braces options to Invisalign, as I was told I cannot have this treatment?

Q. Hi there, i really need to straighten my teeth, however i dread to have conventional braces as I am at an age which i think it will look embarassing! I work in a senior role which involves presentations and I am becoming very conscious about my teeth, I had braces when i was young but my dentist did not do a good job! I am thinking invisalign, i did visit one dentist and he said it would not be possible with my teeth without a good reason. Waht do i do, are there any other discreet options. Help please. Thanks,
A. Invisalign is a wonderful option and can help most cases if for any reason you are not suitable for invisalign there are other options. I can not really advise you without seeing you but you might want to find a more experienced invisalign dentist who can give you better options.
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