Are there any dentists that can put you to sleep during treatment?

Q. hi my teeth are really bad, i had not been to the dentist since i left school and im now 28, i made up the courage to go the other day and they said i havent looked after my teeth very well at all, i have a black whole were a filling came out on my front tooth and one of my back teeth needs taking out and about 4 fillings i need, but my problem is im terrified of dentists and i dont know what to do as i cant find a dentist that will put me to sleep why they do the work, i have not tried any privert dentists as i dont pay for tratment at the moment but if i could find one i would happy pay so i didnt have to go though the pain, do you know a price as well on how much this work would cost? and if there is any were that would put me to sleep while he work is being done.,
A. Thanks for your question, although it is unusual for a dental practice to offer general anaesthetic for treatment, many do offer Intravenous sedation. This induces a dream like state, but you are still conscious, allowing the dentist to carry out your treatment. This facility is available at some NHS practices, but would normally be a chargeable service. Your dentist may be able to advise you of local dentists in your area who are able to offer this service. I wish you well with your treatment. Kindest Regards. Dr Kailesh Solanki.
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  1. j johnston says:

    is there a dentist in manchester that will put me to sleep for my teeth i am very nervous

  2. monica says:

    my teath are really bad i have partial denture in my mauth for abaut 0 years i need to get a new one and i have a wisdom tooth that needs to come out im only 34 but i have the worst fear and anxiety i need to be put out i live in brooklyn would you know of any

  3. Ann Francis says:

    Hi i am a grown women and have not beet the dentist for over 30 years as I have great fear I have 6 false teeth in the front and three in the bottom my other remaing top teeth is one bad one and two roots where the teeth have droped away, on the bottom I have 4 bad teeth two roots so they all need coming out and i really do have aphobia, the last tooth I had I was sedation and put to sleep I have not been since I wait for them to get loose and fall out. Do you know a dentist you could put me out and take all my remaing teeth and stups out for me. I also cant lie back i the chair as I have panick attacks, so I am desperate to find a dentist who can help me

  4. Mikel says:

    I have a severe phobia about the dentist, i attended one about 8 years a go, that was very good and sedated me for the treatment but the fear is stillas strong as it was then, i am getting to the statge where i need to get my mouth, smile teeth looked at but need to find the right practise to visit,knwing that sedation would be the way to get any work done, can you be ofany assistance

  5. Martha says:

    I am terrified of dentist but I need one bad….is there anyway to do a one time visit have everything done in one visit…and put to sleep or laughing gas anything to ease the tention. Would love to know that answer.

  6. kasia says:

    hi my problemswith teeth is so bad the dentist sey im need haw done denta on my top teeth but is need to be take aut couple teeth i want be put in sleep im shame how i will look without front teeth

  7. kym says:

    I am 17 years old and my teeth is pretty bad but I have a phobia of dentists is there any dentists in glasgow that wud put me to sleep to get the work done

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