Are Quick Fix Invisible Braces The Way To Go For Me?

I have recently had a consultation for a clear brace (similar to invisalign but it is the dental practices’ own ‘in house’ version) which focuses on aligning the front x6 teeth. I was told it would work within 22 weeks, and requires the teeth to be polished with an abrasive floss to shave a minimal amount from the teeth in order to create space for the teeth to move. My two front teeth are crossing over slightly which is the reason I would like the brace.

My concern is whether such speedy treatment poses any risks? As a teenager I had very extensive orthdontic treatment & am just very wary of this seemingly quick fix. In your opinion do you think there will be long term issues with this type of treatment – will the enamel be affected if the teeth are ‘shaved’, leaving me with sensitive teeth? And are the teeth not too brittle to be moved so quickly? (I am 30 years old). It sounds similar to invisalign but not as trustworthy.
Please advise, thank you

Even with Invisalign the teeth often need shaving to create space, the main advantage of Invisalign is the chance to preview the virtual final result. This might be worth paying a bit extra for?
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