Are Emax Veneers Good Quality Veneers?

I had CEREC veneers done 2.5 years ago. Last week one broke off (it was my UL4) it came off whilst eating a soft bread roll & had snapped in two (the larger bit I rescued the small top bit I accidentally swallowed) I went back to the dentist who carried out the work and there is a new dentist there who informed me that the tooth in question has little enamel left, it is mainly dentin. I’d like to have the veneer replaced but the dentist can’t guarantee it will bond, and if it comes off I’ll have to pay £550 again for another one. He plans to use an Emax veneer, are these good quality reputable veneers? He did say a crown is another option (at the same cost, however this may result in needing root canal later, again costing money). I’m unsure as to what would be the best option and wonder if there should be any guarantee? My original CEREC came with a 2 year guarantee but I now seem to be getting offered nothing and ultimately fear I could end up spending £500+ on one tooth more regularly than I’d like to.
Thank you for your email. Emax is a type of porcelain and in the right hands (dentist plus dental ceramic technician) it is an excellent material. The key thing in terms of longevity are the people you choose to use the materials as well as the management of your bite and how your teeth function together.

Without my own personal assessment I can’t definitively advise you but the advice about the limited enamel is good – veneers last much longer when bonded to enamel and not dentin. Sometimes you have to remove the enamel to satisfy the shape of the smile that you want and to have enough strength, hence maybe why your teeth are prepared into dentin. Once you have committed to having veneers and crowns this does mean a lifetime of replacements and maintenance. At my own practice we honour a guarantee for 5 years as long as the patients come for their required maintenance or ‘servicing’ of the porcelain, unless the situation was very compromised in the first place e.g. in the presence of heavy tooth grinding.

I would ask the dentist again to go over your options (a 2nd consultation) and ask them to help you make the decision. At the end of the day the dentist/dental technicians are there to assist you in making an informed decision but it is up to you in the end to make the final consent and choice.

Regards, Mark.

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