Any advice on cosmetic dentists?

Q. Hi, I have a query, I have 3 gaps between my teeth (front, upper teeth). I wanted to get dental bonding/composite to fill in the gaps. The cosmetic dentist I am hoping to do the job is not listed on this site. I just wanted to know how I can best tell if someone has the skills to perform the procedure. Are there any dentists I should be worried about? I know its a bit odd of an odd question, but I would apreciate any help you could give. Thanks,
A. Hi there. If he is an experienced cosmetic dentist then he will be more than qualified to carry out the treatment. There are several skill levels required for such treatment- and there are also many materials that are bad/good quality. If you have any doubts, then perhaps ask to see some before/after pictures of similar cases- as a good cosmetic dentist keeps these records on his profile. The only thing that you should consider is a more long term option. Perhaps porcelain veneers would be a better option for you. Porcelain – provided that a good technician has made them, can look great. They will not stain over time like composite bonding- and are less likely to fracture/chip. Just a thought. You need to consider all your options and be 100% sure that this treatment is right for you. Alternatively, you could opt to have braces to close the gaps.
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