After Root Canal Treatment I Get A Pain In My Mouth And A Funny Taste. Would Removing My Tooth Be The Only Option?

I went to the dentist with pain which was going up my face and in my ear and when I bit on the tooth it hurt and felt like spongy. I also occasionally get a funny taste in my mouth. The tooth was one that I have had root treatment for last year which I had a few problems as I have a small mouth! Well that was what I was told and this was done through a crown(the crown wasn’t removed to do the treatment) When I went to the dentist today all they could say was that the tooth was decaying and couldn’t see much else wrong, basically try antibiotics to see if they would help but the only option would be to remove the tooth or retry root treatment privately for£400.00. That’s out, but would removing the tooth really be the only option? I have a fear of the dentist and I had a lot of problems with my teeth and required a LOT of treatment and I am only 46 and don’t have many of my own teeth.
Hi, I would need to see X-rays and examine you to give you a diagnosis but if you don’t want the tooth re-treated and it is causing pain the only option may be tooth removal. You can always get a second opinion from another dentist.
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