After I Had My Teeth Sand Blasted, They Feel Rough. Should I Have Them Polished Or Will It Damage The Enamel Further?

Hi, Dr Hughes. I hope you can help me. I had my teeth cleaned they used a sandblast to clean them. I did not have much staining but they said it is really good. Since I had it done my teeth feel very rough and not much shine on them any more I went back as my teeth looked very frosted, he polished the two top teeth up which now feel smooth an silky but all the sides of teeth still same feel rough and full of dirt which I never had before. Will I be better getting them polished up or has he damaged the enamel from the sandblast treatment I had done? Please help me with this, it’s really bugging me.
Hello and thank you for writing in. Based on the information you have provided me with in your e-mail I would suggest you try the polishing first as that is likely to be the solution. You should tell your dentist all the areas you feel this roughness and need polishing to see if that works for you. I hope this works for you. Kind regards, Mark.
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