A snap on fake teeth that you can eat and everything with Whats this called?

Q. Hi,iam 24 years old and have always been extremely insecure because of my crooked teeth, i wont smile and even talking makes me uncomftorable. I saw on the tv show the doctors that theres a mold that you can get.A snap on fake teeth that you can eat and everything with. Whats this called? and how costly is it? I originally wanted veneers but that would be too expensive.

A. There are products available that can used to put over your teeth it can only be prvided once your own teeth are healthy.

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  1. vicky says:

    Re answer: there are products to put over your teeth..

    You did nt say what those products are. What are the products you can put over your teeth??

    And where can we get them? Are those cosmetic teeth you see on the internet safe to use?

    Please provide detailed answers or we are back to not knowing.
    thank you

  2. Terry says:

    Hi Ive been having teeth problems since I was 16 years old. My teeth have been getting decaded since I was 16 and I do brash my teeth and flose everyday but my teeth have continue to break down. I don’t have dental or medical insureance
    so that I can get treatment or even prevention plans. I’m 25 years old now and I am still in the same shape. I can’t smile nor can I talk to people anymore because 2 of my front side teeth have broken off. No dentist want to see me because I don’t have the insurance to get them fixed. I don’t know what to do. What do I do? I want to be able to smile again without happening to look away or cover my mouth.

  3. Linda says:

    I need some teeth I can eat with and don’t have much money to get any and would like to know if I get your teeth will I be able to eat with them I like to have some for the bottom and top and I want to smile again

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