A Plastic Surgeon Told Me My Teeth Are Affecting My Profile. Is There Any Treatment I Can Have To Fix This?

Hello Dr Moore, I hope you can help me with my problem. I have a small mouth. My two front teeth squash inwards a bit. My top teeth overlap right over my bottom teeth when closed. I think that both of these things together make my profile very severely inverted at the mouth. It also makes my nose and chin appear larger than they are. A plastic surgeon explained that there is no problem with my nose and chin but it is my teeth that is causing the imbalance.   Is this something that can be done to make my profile better?

Many thanks, I look forward to reading your reply.

Hello and thank you for writing in. Yes, you would need extensive brace work and expansion to improve your profile. The next step for you is to see an experienced orthodontist for a full assessment and discuss which kind of devices would be most suitable for you. You might want to take a look around this website and inform yourself of the different types and styles of brace available. Best of luck. Dr Andrew Moore.
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