A diet coke habit eroded my teeth, and I’ve had them filled. Will they get worse or will the problems stop soon?

Q. I have some erosion/abrasion notches on each 4th tooth back from the front (upper and lower) and some transparency on my front teeth at the bottom. I think this is from a diet coke habit which I stopped last year. Will this get progressively worse over time although I am now very careful what I eat or drink or will this now stop? Also my dentist has filled the notches with bonding but each time they fall out but she doesn’t seem concerned. Will they get worse though as there is nothing protecting them when I brush and eat? I am very worried as I don’t want my teeth to wear away any further and end up with brown horrible teeth and having to have false one’s!,
A. It is good that you have stopped drinking fizzy drinks- as you have realised that they have a very negative effect on your teeth. You need to also be aware that high acidic foods and drinks (fruit juices, citrus fruits etc) have the same effect. A few tips of advice: 1. do not brush your teeth straight after eating /drinking fizzy drinks as this wil only brush the acid more into your enamel- casuing more erosion. 2. Visit your dental hygienist regularly and modify your brushing techniques. You may be brushing your teeth too hard. 3. Monitor your diet- you may experience more acid relux than normal- and this can effect your teeth. I hope this has helped.
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