20 Years Ago I Had A Wisdom Tooth Out And Have Been Unable To Smile Ever Since, What Options Are There?

20 years ago I had a problem lower wisdom tooth extracted on the NHS in hospital. It was apparently a difficult extraction. Immediately after I had problems smiling and felt something wrong with the left hand side of my face. People told me my face had changed and I couldn’t smile properly on that side. It felt very knotted. I tried again and again to get someone to take it seriously but nobody in the dental profession would. Maybe I just couldn’t describe it properly to them. However reading the internet I now know what is wrong from other people who have suffered the same. It seems the gum on that side (where the tooth was extracted) is tightly attached to my cheek such that I can’t smile because it’s too tight. The problem has never gone away and still upsets me terribly. The people on the internet seem to have been offered treatment via a laser but that’s been soon after. It’s now 20 years in my case. Could a laser still be used to separate the cheek from the gum that covers where the tooth was extracted?
My advice would be to go and see an Oral Surgeon for their opinion as this is not my fielf of expertise and falls outside the realms of Cosmetic dentistry which is where all my experience lies. Your dentist can help with referring you to one


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